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PLEASE NOTE:  We MAKE THE "Pay What You Want" offer ONLY through this website, and do NOT sell through Amazon because we can't make offers as affordable for you through them.  We're just not that into big corporations like Amazon.  We can give you a better deal directly from us!  We are using PAYPAL's "Donate" system currently.  It's a VERY SAFE system for anyone to use. 

To order a BOOK and "Pay What You Want" for ONE (1) COPY of "EXERCISING our RIGHT to Consent", choose what you want to pay and add $3.50 Shipping and Handling to compute your TOTAL.  Then click the "Donate" button above to go to PayPal.  Be sure to provide your shipping and contact information to PayPal so we can ship to you! 

Our BOOK GUARANTEE applies to one (1) book per customer per order for 45 days.  Seriously, if you don't like it, tell us.  We will seriously refund your money and even let you KEEP THE BOOK!!  The wisdom in the book is THAT IMPORTANT for you, us and the rest of the world.  We don't know of anyone who has ever offered a guarantee on a book like we are.  Although no one has ever taken us up on it, we really mean what we're saying.  The TRUTH is that everyone seems to love it and we really want the wisdom in it out in the world.  We seriously want you to read every word of it and are willing to make buying it better than RISK FREE for you. 

For MULTIPLE COPIES of "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT", the price is $4.00/book for two or more, plus our flat rate shipping fee of $3.50 per order, REGARDLESS of QUANTITY.  Multiply the number of books you want by $4.00 and add only $3.50 for shipping to get your total.  The book makes a great gift too.

We thank you in advance for ordering "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT"!!!  We KNOW you will LOVE IT!!