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WARNING: The ideas in this BOOK are HIGHLY contagious.  They will inspire MILLIONS of us to TEACH our friends and loved ones HOW to TRULY CHANGE our governing system for REAL peace, safety, healthcare, environmental stability, and prosperity.  This book will cause you to change how you think and vote.  Politicians and judges will become unemployed, ill or want to move to Dubai, Mars or another galaxy.  If you admire or adore politicians and judges, or think the system is perfect, do NOT read this book, but seek psychiatric help immediately.  If you're a politician or judge, call your travel agent or NASA.    


EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT specifically describes HOW "We the People" can take control of our government in ONE ELECTION CYCLE from the politicians, judges, bankers and corporations who are destroying us. 


If YOU are FED UP with politicians, judges, bankers and corporations destroying our nation, economy & futures, this PLAN is the #1 blueprint and roadmap for you and all Americans to take control of our government in ONE ELECTION CYCLE.


 Working together, WE have the POWER

to take control of our GOVERNMENT in

   ONE ELECTION CYCLE by simply   



IMPORTANT: This website is NOT affiliated with any corporate controlled groups, political parties, politicians, lobbyists, media empires or the Koch Brothers!!! 


"EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is the PROVEN PLAN YOU will NOT learn anywhere else. 



  to see what readers are saying!!! 


Ask yourself this simple question:


Which do you prefer:

(a) Voting for politicians or (b) voting on the issues?

If your answer is (b), over 94% of the People AGREE with YOU.


Would you like to EXERCISE your RIGHT to CONSENT to any proposed law and any laws enacted and enforced against YOU?

"EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENTwill teach you HOW to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE over 94% of the PEOPLE around you to RISE UP to start "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" to any proposed laws and any laws enacted and enforced against us.


YOU can CHOOSE true "governing by the consent of the governed" or we can continue to abdicate our power to politicians and judges who are subverting us.



   "Governing by petitioning from    

    the governed" does NOT work.     


"We the People" have an inherent RIGHT to OVERRIDE politicians and judges from enacting and enforcing any laws that threaten our Freedom, Peace and Safety... and also FIRE them for being untrustworthy employees in REAL TIME.  We can CHANGE our system to achieve this in ONE ELECTION CYCLE.  


 Do you CHOOSE to SECURE your FUTURE to   



If your answer is "YES!", learn this PLAN and start TEACHING others "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT"!!


Nothing will ever change until "We the People" change how WE think, galvanize and RISE and start making the changes ourselves.


 "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" will change how 

      YOU think... BEAUTIFULLY and POWERFULLY!!!      


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